This is Breed New world

Master thesis project


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An alien world where humans have settled. They must rediscover the knowledge of animal breeding that the humans of old had. The player works as a scientist whose job is to breed these animals so the new Earth might prosper. The scientist will not do it for free though. And be aware, the Aliens who live here might attack!

This game was made for This game was made for my Master Thesis. Was made in team of three. My responsablities were Game design, 3D modeling and a small amount of programming.

Learning games, as serious games, are used in a variety of ways and for different educational purposes. The difference between education and entertainment seems to be in a continuum, meaning that a game with the purpose of learning can vary in degrees of entertainment and education. But, does the perception of these games change their educational impact?

Link to itch page and download link: Breed: New World