Hi, I am Niklas Pelle Michelsen

Game Designer - Web developer

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What I do

Game Design

Since I was a kid I dreamt about making games and after finishing my Masters degree in Games from IT University of Copenhagen, I'm one step closer to realising that dream! My interests lies in Game Design, Level Design, and World Building.

QA and UR

I have experience in setting up a test suite, and in QA in general, from the DADIU programme which I attended as my third semester. Here I was QA and UR manager where I had to design all QA processes and tools. I’ve also worked with QA at my former job at Copenhagen Gamelab. I believe that a tight collaboration between the QA and the rest of the team is very important

Web Development

I also have a PBA in web development and have worked as a junior developer at Copenhagen Gamelab. I am proficient in HTML, CSS/SCSS, Javascript, PHP, Node, React, Angular, MySQL and more.

See some of my work

About me

Multimedia, webdeveloper and game designer

My name is Niklas Pelle and I’m 28 years old. I have a background in web development and multimedia design and have recently completed my MSc degree in Games (design track) from IT-university of Copenhagen. My main interests are game and level design which was my focus in the Games programme. Furthermore, I also look for QA and UR management positions which I gained an interest in with the DADIU programme which attended in my 3. Semester of Games.

I love games and after spending the last two years studying games, my interest has shifted from just playing games to making them.

In my spare time:


My Games

Some of the game projects I've worked on. Click the images to see more.

Breed: New World

This game was made for my Master Thesis. Was made in team of three. My responsablities were Game design, 3D modeling and a small amount of programming.

Cai Cai Balão

Cai Cai Balão was made as part of the DADIU prgramme. I worked as a QA and UR manager.


"The lightkeeper has to go on a lonely mission following a distress signal from a ship nearby." A game I made with some friends in the Global Game Jam. I worked with Game & Level Design.

Premunition ammunition

Record you actions before they play out. A two player game. A game made with some friends for the Nordic Game Jam. I worked with Game & Level design.


While studying I had a student job as a junior developer at Copenhagen Game Lab. Here I helped develop a number of games for the Danish public school.

Short But long

A game made at ITU for the course, Making Games. I worked as level designer

Bacteria Hysteria

Bacteria Hysteria! An old game project from my time at KEA. The course: Casual Games. I made a small "Fishy" inspired game about bacteria

tank versus missile

Tank Versus Missiles

A game made at ITU for the course, Programming for Designers. I coded everything.

Marsbasen sound simulator

This game was made as my bachelor projekt and in collaboration with Copenhagen Gamelab. It is a sound and lightwave simulator. I worked with another student on the project.

Temporal Fraction

A game made at ITU as part of the Game World Design course. I worked as narrative designer and writer.


The newest edition to the portfolio. This game is still in development. I worked as a producer and game/level designer.

Other work

Web projects, Multimedia projects and more

Under contruction